Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Time With the Kindergarteners:A Thesis.

Today was my second day at work. I was given the kindergarten class. I started out with about 5, and that was ok but then about 10 of them came back from ju jitsu and that's when things got tricky. The scene: the Big Playground.

If i've learned anything today, its to Never Trust a Kindergartener. Not because they are tiny, not because they have little life experience, but because they will con you out of everything you've ever known. NEVER TRUST THEM. They know fully what they are doing, like when one today asked me if he could go get a drink of water in the gym because it "tastes better than the water in the classroom" oh HELL NO, Son. Or when three tried to explain to me that they NEEDED to be on the soccer field because thats where they were meeting Bobafett. I'm sure Bobafett is ok with meeting you near the monkey bars- there's plenty of room for him to land with his jetpack. Upon saying "no" again, i had three little pairs of arms wrapped around my legs continuously begging. I remained strong. I stuck by my decision. I offered them my cellphone to call Bobafett to alert him of the new meeting place. They said no.

Sure, they are cute, little have tiny little voices and eyes the size of basketballs, but NEVER TRUST THEM.

The amount of kindergarteners in our country at any given moment should determine the National Security Level. I'm sending a letter to Congress.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the best part is...

I'll get to write about all of the crazy hijinks that the kids do. yay!!!!


I am officially employed. I will be an after school program coordinator for a private school in Boulder. And i start tomorrow. HELL YES. The woman who hired me also offered me the opportunity to advance as an assistant teacher for next fall depending on enrollment.

So, i'm staying in Boulder. And i'm stoked.

Tonight: audition with renaissance thing.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Neat quote

From The United States Congress's Wilderness Act of 1964- it defines the Wilderness as "An area where the earth and its community of life are untrammeled by man, and man himself is a visitor and does not remain."

I feel torn by this statement. On one hand, I do feel that we as inhabitants of the earth have to respect nature and keep our sprawl to a minimal level. But on the other hand, I think its a gift that we need to nurture and visit, in order to learn about our past and what our land has to offer for our future (considering we are all feeling the energy crisis).

What do you think?

Monday is going to RULE.

Had my phone interview with Kaplan today. I guess it went well- I have a second interview on Monday. After that- I have an interview with Renaissance Adventures, a live-action role-playing day camp for nerdkids. I'm sure my father will have lots of comments regarding this job :). LARPing for a living...Andy K will be proud.

The awesome thing is that I am fully qualified for both. The one is an administrative/public job and the other involves me playing with kids in a theatrical manner all day (in the Boulder foothills!!!!!). I'll be able to get my serious on, and then be able to play. The best of both worlds.

I'm feeling much better. Being able to write about troubles is way more refreshing and therapeutic than complaining about it all day to Erin, Mike and Marylou (and those others who wind up in the mix). I'm sure they are really sick of "woe-is-me-Corrin", too. I know I am...I've also been in contact with a few people regarding acting jobs and other theater stuff. I can honestly say that for the first time since leaving Pittsburgh in October, i'm starting to feel that at-home feeling occasionally again (which is better than never feeling it).

Today Mike is coming up and we are going to head to Oskar Blue's (our friend Tim's brewery, er- the one he works at) to try a coconut-infused chub. I'm pretty excited about this. I like beer and Colorado has a lot of it and it is good. Craft brewer is on my list of dream occupations.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Still snowing

Its still snowing. And it probably will snow forever. Or until tomorrow morning at 11am (fact courtesy of

We are under a blizzard advisory. This should be interesting. I'm just hoping that it doesn't mess up my plans for Friday/the weekend.

You'll have to excuse me- i'm super drowsy. I made homemade vegetable soup in light of the weather and i drank some tension tamer tea. Everything is totally coooooollllllll man.

This weather really makes me miss home and being able to hear the snow falling. Western Pennsylvania forever.

So yeah, long story short: Colorado DOES get snow.


I am trapped. In my house. I had an interview at 2:00 today and a volunteer opportunity after that. Both called me and canceled. When the volunteer dude called, i said "i can't believe you guys think this is a lot of snow..." I laughed to save myself from looking like a jerk afterward, though. But seriously. People in Colorado have no idea how to handle snow. Which is odd, considering 99% of them ski or board....

So, yeah. There is about 8 inches out there right now. Its still going, and plans on going until tomorrow (Friday) morning at about 6am.

Its good to see some precipitation, though. Its so dry out here and Boulder/surrounding areas are prone to brush fires. Brush fires that like, burn houses down. Fires that mean serious business. There have been two (that i know of) since I got out here.

Hopefully everyone has bread and milk. And heat. Its 21 degrees outside and I can't help but think of the homeless people. There's a lot here for some reason (i guess it isn't any different than the rest of the world...).